My week-plus -11-18 february 2017.1

The Urn and the Coaster - made earlier in the month
Coaster with second Urn – july

On 11th february, as usual Jessica and I opened the Shed for Wood turning, I had had a good day, finishing a candle holder which also holds artificial flowers around beneath the beaded sides.

I then went on to begin to make a fruit platter from one almighty log. I took over from one of the experienced turners and began to round the log  on the bandsaw, around the Faceplate to make it easier to manage once I began to turn it..

The log seemed to jump towards me and as I caught it the bandsaw caught my middle finger  and ripped off half my finger nail and all the flesh beneath it. I have not been able to work properly during this time and have managed to get it wet despite rubber gloves.

The original dressing has long since died and I have had the nurse at the Pharmacy dress it on our way to the Shed, I have done it myself – one handed and I know Julian will blow a gasket tomorrow when he sees his work of art destroyed.

It’s quite boring not being able to turn, however I assisted in re-configuring a Lathe so that we might use the full range of its gearing system.They work on a belt system and need to have the motor lifted so that the belts can be moved over the cogs.

The result being that I have been unable to do the research on the blog for which I receive remuneration though reblogging to my own is not so difficult, but I am more than a week behind.