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The Weekly Headlines
Posted on February 18, 2017 by lafayetteangel

  1. Friday happy dance

  2. “A Cord of Three”

  3. Son Tells Farmer Dad That A Kid At School Is Hungry, So He Goes Down There With His Harvest

  4. God Delivered US From ‘Spirit of Witchcraft in the Oval Office’ Through Trump, Says Christian Leader

  5. A Prayer for President Trump

  6. Please pray for President Trump n his team

  7. The Civil War in the Spirit

  8. Cop bonds with ‘unadoptable’ foster child, tells wife he wants to adopt him

  9. Let’s all help Janine have a bike…

  10. Happy birthday, Bob: Now we are six

  11. The Gift Of Family

  12. The Ice Cream Prayer

  13. A Sunday Feel Good Story – The Dunkin Donuts Encounter

  14. Spread Kindness

  15. GOP Outraged After Discovering VA Employees Spent 1.1 Million Hours on Taxpayer-Funded Union Activities

  16. House Oversight Chairman Chaffetz refers Bryan Pagliano to DOJ for charges


  18. FAKE NEWS?

  19. Bill Bennett: Press can’t stand that Trump doesn’t fear them

  20. Mid Afternoon Meditation 2-17-17

  21. The Coming



  24. A TALE …of TRUMP and MEDIA?

  25. Sound

  26. Lunatic Fringe: Wheeler & Woolsey in HOLD ‘EM JAIL (RKO 1932)

  27. Water and Hotness

  28. Dear Virtue Signaling Celebrities

  29. Daily

  30. Trump repeals coal mining regulations, signs legislation

  31. Quote of the Day

  32. President Trump: CNN Is Very Fake News (Video)

  33. The Left-Wing Fears Debate 

  34. I Will Turn Things Around

  35. OBAMA’S WATERGATE? Why Was FBI Wiretapping An American Citizen?

  36. First Hand Account – after Peleliu

  37. Resistance? Shadow? Which type of Government is this jerk planning?

  38. Girl, Get Your Life!

  39. Lazy Poet’s Thursday Haiku

  40. #TrumpDay Depends On Your Time Zone Edition

  41. If you just started caring about political scandals again, you’re a brazen hypocrite

  42. Dear Ellen: It could’ve happened to anyone

  43. Daily Denver

  44. FBI releases Trump’s real estate investigation records from 1970’s

  45. Stuff A Sock In It Media

  46. One Writer’s Guess As To The Secrets That Are Hidden In The Iran Nuke Deal

  47. Mattis Addresses NATO and Warns of “Arc of Insecurity”

  48. Quote of the Day

  49. Senior moments

  50. And Now For Something Completely Different 

  51. Yes, I AM Back (from the DEAD, even!)

  52. Wisdom Wednesday – Holy is the Lord!

  53. Serving up at Fortune of War

  54. TOOO good!


  56. Pelicans

  57. Milkshake, Chocolate

  58. My New Valentine

  59. Fall in Love with LAURA (20th Century Fox 1944)

  60. Apparent Systemic California Voter Fraud and Why It Matters Now Given the Enemy’s Talking Points

  61. The Value of Friendship

  62. A Program For Conservatives To Get Involved

  63. You gotta have heart

  64. What to make of Michael Flynn, Tucker Carlson interviews a dangerously insane woman, and I know where the sponsored ads are coming from…

  65. What Again? 


  67. WikiLeaks Says ‘US Spies’ Dems And Press Behind Flynn’s Resignation

  68. My Valentines Day So Far

  69. Wishing You Love and Happiness

  70. King Solomon, Civil Decorum in Congress

  71. A Generic Valentine

  72. Look and Laugh with Cattie’s Babies.

  73. Casal de palhaços viaja de Kombi pelo Brasil transformando os lugares por onde passa   (pair of clowns travels from Brazil to Brazil, transforming the places they go through)

  74. Liberal Rules for Dresses

  75. #57 heart Hello again, my blogful friends!

  76. Don’t stay put

  77. Taking Crazy Pills?


  79. Media panic as White House lets lesser known outlets ask questions…

  80. The Manufacturing of Controversy – General Michael Flynn Edition….

  81. Valentines Day! 2017:-)

  82. Illegal Alien Kills Christian Missionary in Indianapolis (Video)

  83. Faster, please.

  84. Flynn out – Wasn’t what Kerry and Pelosi did to Bush much worse?

  85. Valentines Quote of the Day

  86. Obama’s Connection to Campus Age Rioters and Organizing For Action

  87. General Mike Flynn Resigns From NSC

  88. I can’t brain today, I have the dumb

  89. Jesuit Father James Martin goes on MSNBC Joy Reid show to bash Stephen Bannon and “traditional Catholics…

  90. Stranger Waited for Mother To Look the Other Way… Then She Handed Young Boy SHOCKING Note

  91. Another Dire Warning Against Gays Thinking Independently 

  92. Our Little Nest. My Valentine’s Day Post. Oh Boy !

  93. Lessons From My Child Self

  94. Mopey Millennial?

  95. Precious

  96. Attorney General Jeff Sessions: Emergency Intervention Needed in California NOW!

  97. Just a Thought

  98. VIDEO: Those 3 Muslim Brothers Arrested for Spying on Trump Were Hired by Obama… This is Happening!


  100. Wanderlusting

  101. *(THE RELIGION OF PEACE) – Muslims Raising hell in Japan Again! You Gotta Watch!

  102. Nelson Act Allots Indian Lands

  103. Log Jam

  104. ‘Dear Nordstrom, NEVER AGAIN!’ Scott Baio shows photo of 30k on wife’s account with message to retailer

  105. The Wall

  106. When You Don’t Have A ‘Valentine To Love

  107. i bet you thought this blog was about you

  108. Japan’s Independent Elderly & Their Dying Communities

  109. October 1944 (1)

  110. Yesterday

  111. Milestones, Changes, A Quote


  113. The Golden Rules of Blogging

  114. Jo’s Monday walk : A walk through a Pub!

  115. Because

  116. Just for the fun of it

  117. Nazis! Nazis! Everywhere!

  118. Story Of Expression (Valentines Edition)

  119. Checking in….


  121. Checking in with Los Feliz

  122. Dark Paths of Wisdom

  123. Timing

  124. VIDEO Wacked,”for Women” Dems Attack Denigrate Trump Supporting Women, Judge Jeanne, O Reilly

  125. MEDIA IGNORES: 68 People Injured At Hamburg Airport After PEPPER SPRAY ATTACK in Air Conditioning System

  126. Shadows & Light

  127. Iran hails Sweden’s embrace, feminists are right there with approval

  128. Open Borders and Closing Freedom

  129. Quote of the Day

  130. Loonies of the Left

  131. Joy Villa Makes the Grammys Great Again

  132. Government Knows Best

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