Christmas Story IV: Magical Moments

very delightful memories, I really wish mine were as positive – no nerve just pleasure

There were other Christmases and other memories I have from when I was a boy.

There was the time I rode around town with my dad on Christmas Eve leaving Christmas turkeys on the doorsteps of families not as fortunate as ours.

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  1. did I thank you so much for this? I think not in my vanity. i thank you for deeming my story worthy of sharing it with your readers. after all there is nothing more wonderful than to know someone has read your work and perhaps enjoyed it. I’m grateful that you gave me that opportunity and … as my story became a gift to you and to others through you … so too was your sharing with others a tremendous gift to me. Thank you … ks


    • You sort a thanked me, at least you made me smile -Enjoy your gift as I have mine, I love your stories and your sense of humour and do not visit you often enough.see you soon Andy


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