Revelation of the Magi: An Excerpt

Read an excerpt from Brent Landau’s compelling new book, Revelation of the Magi: The Lost Tale of the Wise Men’s Journey to Bethlehem, here.

From the manuscript:

1. Introduction

About the revelation of the Magi, and about their coming to Jerusalem, and about the gifts that they brought to Christ. An account of the revelations and the visions, which the kings, [sons of kings,] of the great East spoke, who were called Magi in the language of that land because in silence, without a sound, they glorified and they prayed. And in silence and in the mind they glorified and prayed to the exalted and holy majesty of the Lord of life, to the holy and glorious Father, who is hidden by the great brightness of himself and is more lofty and holy than all reasoning. And the language of human beings is not able to speak about him as he is, except as he has wished, and when he has wished, and by means of whom he wishes. And neither his heavenly worlds nor the lower ones are able to speak about his majesty, except as it is fitting for the will of his majesty to reveal to the worlds so that they are able to partake from the gift of his majesty, because (his majesty) is great and they are not able to speak of it.[two pages in all + introduction ]

Source: Revelation of the Magi: An Excerpt



    • Yes, since I began following a Muslim acquaintance in his postings I have discovered far more than I ever knew existed. Some from which stem our spoken traditions and add flesh to the bare Biblical necessities.

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