The Search for COMMON GROUND eps. iii The Boogeyman Theory

Please take the time to navigate this article – I have abstracted snips of two of which I find interesting the remainder are above and below these.


Absorb the social consciousness. Enjoy the show. And vote up to 3 Demographics, whose voices help lead to common ground

The 2nd Question

From actual experience, has their been a time that you have heard false information and addressed a person’s unwarranted fears about a demographic different than you?

If not, over the years, have any of your views changed in a positive way about a demographic different than you? You can note a specific experience or in general, based on acquired knowledge.


I write to you from somewhere on a dark highway in New Mexico. I am currently on a move back to Indiana from Phoenix, so this answer comes via mobile.

One of the best forums I had this year for political discussion was found in a very unlikely place: fantasy football. My dynasty league has existed with the same group of guys for 5 years or so. We have an intensely active Facebook group where the entire league communicates on a daily basis. It’s fun, and has never caused too many problems… until this year.

Many members of the league came out strongly in favor of Trump.[ more]


Og Law

I have been forced on numerous occasions to represent God as He feels about Homosexuality. So many spiritual leaders have made it seem as if God hates THEM and not the sin, when in fact, I can prove that the reason why He hates the sin is because He loves them. God said, any tree that does not bare fruit will be thrown out and cast into the fire. In short, any person who chooses not to reproduce will be allowed to follow their passion. The price to pay for that decision is the inability to step into the future. In Jude, the place reserved for those who are controlled by their lust, following strange flesh, is ETERNAL DARKNESS. Is that hateful or truth based upon the decisions of the people in question? No, just straight facts.[ part of question 2]


Source: The Search for COMMON GROUND eps. iii The Boogeyman Theory


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