The Holy Spirit in the Quran 

More details A medieval Islamic depiction of the archangel Gabriel from the Arab manuscript The Wonders of Creation and the Oddities of Existence (14th century)

The Holy Spirit has been mentioned in the Quran several times and many questions have been raised about the identity of the Holy Spirit in the Quran. Many of the questions come from our Christian brothers and sisters who wonder if the Holy Spirit in the Quran is the third of their Trinity beliefs.

Quran is very clear in denouncing Trinity (5:73) and affirming the Oneness of God Almighty. (112:1-4). The Holy Spirit in the Quran is clearly defined as the angel Gabriel who has been the angel-messenger between The Almighty God and the human beings, e.g. Mary, Jesus, and prophet Muhammed.

In reference to Gabriel, the Arabic Quran calls him; “Ruhhil-Qudus” (Holy Spirit), “Ruuhanaa” (Our Spirit), “Ruuhul-‘Amiin” (The Honest Spirit) and “Al-Ruh’ ” (The Spirit) . Thus, when reading the verses in the Quran, the whole Quran, we see that Gabriel is the Holy and Honest Bearer of Revelations. We learn from 2:97 that these references are indeed talking about Gabriel.

To understand the connection between the Angel Gabriel and calling him the Spirit, the Holy Spirit and the Honest Spirit in the Quran we should also read all related verses, 16:102 & 26:192-193.  [ readon please]


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