The Symptoms Of Weak Faith (Eeman) |


Weakness of faith (eeman) is a common complaint among many Muslims. Those who are aware and conscious of it struggle to find ways to overcome it. Faith, as we know, is directly connected with the heart. Allah (SWT) has warned us against the heart that is hardened, closed, sick, blind and sealed. The spiritual health of our hearts determines the strength of our faith. When our faith is weak, we can see it in our actions.

When our faith is weak, we are more likely to fall into sins until we completely get desensitized to their ghastly nature. The Messenger of Allah (SAWS) described the heart ravaged by weakness in the sahih hadith by stating: “The heart will be subjected to trial after trial, and there will appear a black stain on any heart that is affected, which will spread until the heart is completely black and sealed, as it were, so that it will not recognize any good deed or denounce any evil, except whatever suits its own desires.” (Reported by Muslim, no. 144)

To improve this condition we need to know the symptoms of weak faith so we can work to cure them. The following highlights some of the symptoms of weak faith.

Not doing acts of worship properly

Acts of worship such as Salat (prayers)


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