Avaaz – IWC: Say yes to whale wonderland

More than 2 million whales were killed in the southern hemisphere last century — but an inspiring proposal could turn this entire half of the world into a sanctuary for these beautiful creatures.

Right now, the International Whaling Commission is meeting to decide on a plan submitted by Brazil and others to create the South Atlantic Whale Sanctuary, more than 35 million square kilometers of ocean that would become a buzzing centre for whale-watching and research that ensures these endangered populations recover. Amazingly when linked together with other protected areas, the entire southern hemisphere would become a vast whale sanctuary.


To all governments at the International Whaling Commission:

As global citizens concerned with preserving Earth’s precious biodiversity and horrified by the slaughter of over 3 million whales worldwide, we urge you to pass the proposal for the creation of the South Atlantic Whale Sanctuary. More spaces like this must exist to allow nature to recover and regenerate, especially when the proposal also supports economic development in many countries.

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