Letters From Home: Bobby and Bob

Though we are many we are one

Art by Rob Goldstein

A digitally painted Black and White photograph of a house in a housing project in Charleston South Carolina named for white supremacist, John C. Calhoun This is a photo of a house in John C. Calhoun Homes, a housing project named for white supremacist, John C. Calhoun. I lived in this house when I was a kid.

In the 1980’s most of my alternates were as
active as they are now.

They used performance writing as a cover.

To other people they were characters.

Though our username was Rob Goldstein, by the late
1980’s the dominant alternate was Bob.

Bob carries anger and depression.

Bob was certain he’d die from AIDS.

In 1988, when Bob tested negative for HIV, his reaction
was fear and bitterness.

His function in life was dying.

Bob had already written his suicide as a character
named Loleeta, who is almost a separate alternate.

Bobby carries our hopes and dreams.

He can watch the family from inside and Bobby
was confused: if the body isn’t dying, why does Bob

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