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Space and Time

Nisargadatta Maharaj:Look, you have to understand that such a time. If you do not know the nature of time, you do not understand the nature of the phenomenal world. What happens is that the person believes the time something taken for granted, and then begins to build all sorts of concepts. If you are going to build, should not you first see what you have for a foundation? Time and space go together. Why are you able to know things? Because you see them. Could you see things, if they had no form? You see them because they have a shape, size, because they are stretched in the space. Let’s go a little further. If things have been seen in the area for only a fraction of a second, would you take them? You perceive things only because they are extended in space for a certain period (of time), and the form is in front of you long enough for you to accept it. If there was no concept of time and space (space and time, of course, are not objects), “things” would not be perceptible, and things would not be “things”. If there is no space-time (no past, present or future), as they might be some kind of phenomenal objects, some events? Please try to understand that phenomenon, and time is only a concept and not have their own existence: all visible things, or thought of them only represent the images created in the mind, and they are just as “real” as a dream or a mirage. Now you know what I mean by saying that the whole phenomenal – a child of a barren woman? The issue of space-time is so difficult to understand that even people with high intelligence fall into confusion and are confused by its complexity, and can not understand its true meaning.How scientists can do it your feeble mind? They can imagine a “boundless space” and “unlimited time”, but whether they can imagine the lack of space and time? It is impossible, because what perceives, can not grasp the concept in his grasp. Can the eye see your own vision? Can fire burn itself? Maybe the water to understand what is lust? If you can understand the meaning of what I said, you stop to look at the “things” in the background of fixed time; you will no longer seek Truth through their proud intellect. And you realize that the very attempt to find an obstacle, as a tool with which you can search is divided mind – conceptual subject seeking a conceptual object. When you reach this awareness, you stop searching and let the impersonal consciousness become predominant. And then, when the impersonal consciousness to let you into the secret of his own power, you will know that there is no “I” or “you”, there is only ‘I’, pure subjectivity that “things” do not have the substance and, therefore, the phenomenal object – is the child of a barren woman, and finally, that the “I” – is infinity, timelessness “!By Glitchy the Zen in Buggy Zen , Thoughts , Nisargadatta Maharaj