The Thick of It

This is “feelings” not readings there is just so much interaction

a cornered gurl

Courtesy of You Have A Calling

The lingering moments hover in disguise. They await a downfall that is sure to creep up at the most inopportune time.

I am guarded. I know my place. I do not shift.

Courage is a fine thing to have when demons flock in numbers greater than your height; 5’2, 52, Fifty-Two.

They fight dirty, hit below the belt, and never apologize.


We have mastered Zombying ourselves, the Walking Dead, The Living Dead, The Deadest Dead. Yet, we breathe. Careful not to choke on our past, coughing up old memories.

In the thick of it, I am a Willow tree. I keep the peace. I know my role. It saves me.

But, I bend and sway just like the multitudes who have sought the listening ears of comrades and family members.

The thick of it has a stronghold.

You can struggle. It does not…

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