Flickr Wednesday: Linda Medhurst

Love Wednesdays here

Art by Rob Goldstein

Linda writes:

I went to college on a whim to study Photography of one an evening for a year. The rest is being self-taught, I love to absorb things, I am a learner and a little bit of a dreamer.

I have inspirational ideas that fire off in the middle of the day or night that can lead me unexpectedly to create the images in the Flickr stream you see. The DECAY series came from thoughts of ageing, applying drama and detail in abundance. Where does it go from here? who knows as I don’t, so watch this space I guess.

I live side by side with Epilepsy, I have aspirations and dreams just like everyone else though mine my may more vivid and deep. I am creative and listen to music for ultra inspiration to move me on. The two go hand in hand for me – Art and…

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