All The Emptiness 

It is possible to feel this way and be a Pastor or Priest or Sheik or Rabbi.


By:Tina Glover/Unknownperson79

“All The Emptiness”

As the lonely

emptiness of the

senseless emotions

starts to set in on

my mind that at

the moment seems

to be swelled from

allmy pain as I

dwell upon it even

more as it pushes

me straight towards

the exit sign leading

me towards the door

as I’m beginning to

think this is my last

mortal sin now as

I just wait for my last

hell fire brimstone

to finish it’s last

approach as it

something that

does not compel

me to stay as the

negativity of my

sin doesn’t seem

to be sending the

correct information

to my brain as it’s

slowly disappearing

from my last chance

of grasping it and

is this actually going

to be the ending of

my new beginning

before it even gets

started and as I

try to sway away

from it but it

draws me back

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