Hi Andrew – Imagine me at 80 years of age-Anthony Venn-Brown

Anthony is a friend of mine who has inspired me in my own Ministry, I once went to hear him speak at one of our local Anglican Churches where he was relegated to the Youth Group’s Boxing School Hall by the Archdeacon – since we couldn’t have anyone like him preaching in an actual church’

Eversince then I have been on his mailing list just following along…


Hi Andrew 

Anthony Venn-Brown Faith/Sexuality Thought Leader | Author | Speaker

Imagine me at 80 years of age. I did and wrote this piece “I have a dream” which has just been published in the Gay News Network. It begins…….

“It’s 2031 and I just celebrated my 80th birthday. That was a hoot. Great grandchildren and all. Of course we couldn’t have a party without playing the old disco classics. I really don’t get the music young people listen and dance to today. Give me “I will survive’ and “I am what I am” any day. They are the gay national anthems of an another era. So glad I’m still active and got my marbles. There’s a bit of party left in the old fella yet.
A decade birthday is always a good time to reflect.
After doing everything I could to change my orientation, including gay conversion therapy and sixteen years of marriage, coming out at forty was challenging to say the least. At eighty now, I’ve lived half of my life in the closet and the other half as an out, proud gay man.
The world is a very different place today for LGBTI people than the world I grew up in during the 60s when police raided gay establishments, gay and lesbian people were sent to prison or institutionalised and mental health professionals believed they could cure us. I remember vividly the constant fear we lived in and the cost of coming out.
Looking back, I can see that the thing that accelerated change more than anything else was marriage equality. Surprisingly, against what religious conservatives had preached, the sky didn’t fall in, there were no tsunamis or earthquakes and people didn’t start marrying their pets.
But God that took a long time coming.”

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