Watson’s Bay 11th August

Watson’s Bay from the Wharf, curving beach
Watson’s Bay from the Wharf –  Doyles
Watson’s Bay from the Wharf – opal card swipe

Thursdays are usually shopping day when Mark from the Maroubra Junction Centre drives me to South Point to Shop. South Point is in Hillsdale and a quieter place to shop than is Eastgardens just another block north of there.

Last Thursday, however we had no need to shop and so Mark took me for a drive to Watson’s Bay where we both took photographs and had coffee there at a cafe on the wharf.

Mark is Polish and remembers the Russian Occupation and my Social Support Person from KinCare is Russian which make for an interesting pair – I have them on alternate Thursdays for Shopping since my arthritis became too much for me to pull the shopping trolly behind me from a half way decent shopping Mall. Once I became a Senior I qualified for Social support and assistance with household cleaning- which we shall soon require again, this is provided in part by the department of Aged Care and Health and by Disability Services.