The village

From the Remembrance stones

As usual, on the Monday, Mary went into the village of Little Hampton for the shopping, for any post there might be and, naturally the news of the latest doings around the hamlets and nearby villages.

Still a little shaken by the oppressive feelings the very presence of the Remembrance stone seemed to bring upon them, Mary wondered whether anyone else had had the same experience, considering the stones were going missing from the gardens and Grave markers, the flower beds and wherever else they had been gathered over the generations since the quarry imploded the way it had done.

As was her custom, Mary dropped into the Tea Garden for morning tea which she always shared with her friend Jennifer Carpenter. Jennifer had two girls, Francine and Joan or Frankie and Carpenter as they were known at school, roughly the same ages as Jeremy and Tim they were in the same classess in the village school.

Jennifer’s girls were tomboys and ran just as wild as did the Mason boys, always getting into hot water for being in places ” young ladies” shouldn’t be – not that there was anything lady like about them.

“Apparently”, said Jennifer, “our girls went with your boys over to that entomologist fellow over near Jacob’s field, with that poor ‘flutterby’ your Tim found.” Mary’s rippling laughter floated across the Tea Room turning all heads their way. ” They never did, did they, poor man”

“Anyway” continued Jennifer ” he is actually a lepidopterologist, you know collects and studies butterflies and they brought him over from Brazil to collect the foreign butterfly specimens that have been appearing in this area, out of season and miles off course.”

“Who are ‘They'” Mary wanted to know, “‘They'”, said Jennifer” are the Royal Naturalist Society, his name is Michael Mitchell and our Frankie says he has cabinets full of impaled butterflies hanging from his walls”

Jennifer finished – quite out of breath

Andrew Blair (C) 13/08/16 22:27 AustralianEST

To Jacob’s Field



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