MA! Do You Ever Think I’ll Learn How To Surf?: Part II of The Mouse Who Thought He Could Fly

Not everyone has a wife like this – thank the gods

THE BIG HOUSE and Other Stories

Naturally I had more time on my hands after my decision to stay away from Bill and his mud bogging. I spent a lot of time channel surfing U Tube.

One day I saw a video on washing machine repair. Jeeze, some of the repairs looked easy. Figuring this was a sign from God I decided what the Hell – oh … ! Sorry… ! HECK, I can fix the washer at the cottage!

Next morning I jumped in the car and headed north on I-75.

Pulling away I noticed my wife waving goodbye with both hands over her head. It sounded like she yelled, “Have fun YOU and don’t get HIT!”

I love it when she shows her oncern but after all I’m not a DUMB SHIT!

I drove 24 hours straight from Florida to northern Michigan where there was still a touch of winter in the air and…

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