Speaking My Truth: Whither the Excitement

Too many churches
replace poetry with propaganda,
spontaneous passion with scripted emotionality,
and self-transcending ecstasy with rote prayers
and creeds.
Spirituality is robbed of its excitement and purpose
by religious practice.
 Myth and story are replaced by doctrine and dogma.
Wisdom is buried
beneath a barrage of rites, rituals, rules, and regulations.
Uplifting people,
encouraging their Transformation,
the sole purpose of religion,
is replaced by
condemnations of unworthiness
and guilt
designed to keep them in line
and obedient.
Primacy of Conscience
is kept secret
for the sake of
Conformity and Control.
Soaring music is overrun by irrelevant medieval songbooks.
Music that uplifts the soul
 is reduced to responsive readings that flatten it.
Creation’s gift of diversity
is ignored in disdain
in the name of uniformity.
If religion is to be more than a tool of control
by the bushel-keepers,
 it must reclaim and reimagine its ancient and timeless tools,
myth, story, wisdom, music, chant, and silence,
diversity and dialogue,
using them to challenge ignorance, discrimination, injustice, tyranny,
and uncritical thinking
masquerading as truth.


Source: Speaking My Truth: Whither the Excitement


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