Dhamma on Air #29: Escaping the Mirror-House


Dhamma on Air #29
Repairing the Past is Fixing the Future!
is now available here: https://youtu.be/7L1kP0OyAqY


Dhamma Questions answered:
Question 80: I am extremely nervous when I have to talk in front of an audience.
Is that a defilement? How can i work through it?

Question 81: Isn’t the highest giving, giving of the Dhamma… ?

Question 82: What are the karmic consequence of arguing and back-biting with one’s parents?

Question 83: I have a friend who isn’t Buddhist. She is not a good friend in terms of morality,
she drinks, she watches bad movies etc. However, despite of these weaknesses,
she did do good things to me like being with me at tough times, giving me gifts.
She is most of the time a nuisance and is very rude to me at times.
Should I end this friendship with her?

Question 84: I’ve seen people in social media spreading bad views on Buddhism.
I have tried my best to correct them however, they do not seem to understand
their mistakes. Should I continue despite of their negative comments?

Back to Basics: The 5 Precepts

Patience (khanti) is the highest praxis and 6th Mental Perfection

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