Ilya Fostiy. Amnesia

Ilya Fostiy. Amnesia.

Sam’s turn in the line had finally come.

Have a seat Mr. Lloyd, uttered the nurse and pointed to the armchair.

Sam sat.

Ok.., all documents are ready… just needing your final approval… your final agreement, – and the nurse gave Sam the pad where he had to put his “signature”. Sam touched the necessary part with his thumb.

Follow me, – said the nurse and pointed to the room.

Sam lay down on a special bed.

Sweet dreams, – wished the nurse and closed the door.

Sam woke up in two hours. He felt wonderfully restored.

The reason Sam came to Doctor Jackson’s Clinic was similar to thousands of others. People who could not accept the loss of a loved one, or those who wanted to erase negative episodes from their memory visited similar clinics.

At the end of the XXI century, the ability and technology to rub out one’s memory was as easy as deleting a useless file from a computer.

These type of “surgeries” were relatively inexpensive, and almost everybody could afford them.

His two year relationship with Elizabeth was a wondrous part of his life, and following her unexpected departure, Sam’s feelings for Elizabeth grew into an obsession. Standard therapy brought no result and Sam made up his mind to “delete harmful files”.

The files have been deleted. Blessed relief from the pain of loss.

The irony was that it was his third visit to Doctor Jackson’s clinic. As well as the attending nurse did not know that she was obliged to Sam to her current work. She came in here five years ago when she could no longer tolerate her loss of Sam and had her memory erased, and then later decided to take this job.

By the end of the XXI century the border between reality and fantasy was almost gone.

Some 10-15 years earlier the reasons to appeal to similar establishments had to have very serious grounds for approval, and were strictly regulated by The Council of Doctors.

Today any reason was sufficient to qualify for the «treatment». Just pay!

“Memory correction” has become as readily available as buying Aspirin in a drug store.

Mankind was standing on the threshold of Chaos. The Chaos whose name was Collective Amnesia.

Watch what you wish for!

You might get it!


Source: Ilya Fostiy. Amnesia