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After watching Senator-Elect Hanson on the ABC’s Q&A last night (biting my tongue so much of the time), this neatly de-rails some of her railings!



Father Chris

I yearn to live in a Christian nation. A nation where no one goes hungry, where the forgotten people have places of honour at the banquet. A nation of peace, where war and violence are no more. A nation of justice, where power is wielded for the good of all. I yearn to live in a Christian nation.

I yearn for this nation so much, the vision of it is planted deep in my heart. I yearn for Isaiah’s holy mountain. I yearn for John’s New Jerusalem. I yearn for that nation which is like a mustard seed and a great pearl and leaven for the dough.

The Christian term for the Christian Nation is ‘The Kingdom of God’. According to St Paul, our citizenship is there. To call Australia, or the USA, or any other earthly nation ‘A Christian Nation’ is a nonsense. It is a profoundly unChristian thing to do, and has no warrant in scripture or tradition.

So my question to the nationalist movements on the rise around the world is this. When will you stop using the name of my saviour to advance your campaign of hatred and fear?

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    • Senator Elect Pauline Hanson is a super Xenophobe anti everyone and recently made an anti Muslim speech in which she not only insulted every Muslim and other non- Australian born person (aka moi) in the country but, once again displayed her humongous ignorance of things in general.

      Nationalism here, in the hands of such as her borders too close to the borders of Fascism and turns National Pride into fear and shame. My opinions sorry if I offend those who may have voted for the Party.

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