The Key-&-the key to the dream


 by Rick Christensen

Words of A Gentle Witness


After leaving with the key to the bell tower, the young man unlocked the door and stepped inside. He softly closed the door, sat on the floor and prayed.

He spent most of the afternoon in the bell tower, simply praying. During his prayers, he realized how symbolic a key is to so many life events. He prayed for guidance, asking God how He wanted the tower and bell to be restored.

He carefully locked the door, walked around the tower and headed for home. He held the key in his hand the entire time as he walked through town. He always enjoyed his Sunday afternoon walks in town as it was not crowded and properly buttoned up, as his Mother used to…….[..]

Source: The Key


The Key to the Dream


He never had a problem falling asleep and can still hear his mother tell him, “that’s a sign of a clear conscience!” He always found comfort in her words of wisdom.

He was sure he was having dreams but for some reason, he could only recall one or two.

In the middle of the night, he woke up, startled! He calmed himself by thinking it was only a dream as he reached for the light on the table next to his bed.

The key was gone!….[..]

Source : The Key to the Dream