Seeking freedom

Perhaps there are some of you out there who are completely wheelchair bound who may have some answers for this blogger.

For weeks I have been struggling to make the way from one end of the day to another, without feeling under constant pressure. It felt as though I was chasing my own tail all of the time. So to be sitting here at 11:30 in the morning and to be able to say that I have done everything that I have to, and I even spent the last hour playing games, it seems unbelievable. I can’t even start to explain just how it makes me feel, as I now have time, to do what, I don’t have a clue yet, but as this is my third day in a row where I can say this, I clearly have time to myself again. Today, even the Nurse has been and gone, something that probably is helping tremendously as I’m not waiting. Waiting has to be the worst thing in the world for that pressure sensation to feed off. When you are just waiting for the doorbell to ring, time turns into the longest string of pain there is. I know that the district nurses don’t work to my schedule but must work to their own, so all I can do is accept things as they are, I just wish I could ask them to see me first every day.[..]
Source: Seeking freedom