From Darkness to Saturday
Francis Mason with his wife Mary lived with their two sons Timothy and Jeremy in a small Bungalow at the edge of the forest, near Quarry Road. Francis walked through the forest along that road between home and the railway station every weekday on his way to his work in the City. He was a Partner in the family Estate Agency ”Mason and Sons”. Mason? Well his great, great grandfather

had been one, a Stone Mason and had worked the quarry before the great implosion in which all lives were lost.
The morning dawned fair and bright, and as he lay there beside Mary he thought of the past three days, and perhaps the anxiety he had experienced was some kind of exaggeration due to the cold weather they had been having.

Suddenly a whirlwind of trust came romping in through the bedroom door and crashed upon their bed, waking Mary in the process.
“ Look, daddy what we’ve found“, squealed Jeremy, who, was the elder by 18 months,” yes” giggled Tim, who couldn’t say anything without giggling, “we’ve found a rock with eyes and a half dead flutterby”
Don’t you know anything? Jeremy said scornfully, he preferred Jeremy to Jerry, on account of he was a ‘ proper young man‘ “ B U T T E R F L Y“ he spelled out insolent. “ So! I still found her however she is spelled“
Frank changed gears, metaphorically speaking and put himself into parent mode to attend to the first catches of the day.
“First, can I see that flutterby, “he said it to hear Tim’s bell like squeal, and the giggle that rippled like a Brooke rippling over the stones near the weir.

Br Andrew Efo 1256 17th July 2016 To Breakfast



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