Apologizing & Condemning… Until When?

“In a circular way I discovered this gem of a blog via my friend Robert Matthew Goldstein” Br Andrew Efo

Until when?

Until when will I be able to wake up and just take a deep breath not tainted with sadness and distress?

Until when will the bloodthirsty savages who have their own horrifying agendas stop causing terror in the name of the faith I so visibly represent?

Until when can I stop feeling the pressure to constantly clarify to the world wide web, by the way guys, all Muslims aren’t like this, we’re actually normal people… like you! Normal and safe, don’tcha worry about a thing?

Until when can we, Muslims, stop apologizing for the damage caused by others, simply because they choose to use the banner of Islam as their false source of motivation? (Note that condemning is one thing, apologizing is another.)

Until when can the very same Muslims who apologize and condemn acts of terror, not also be recipients of attacks themselves from their own neighbors and citizens moments later?

Source: Apologizing & Condemning… Until When?