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The Bell Ringer


From the time he was born, people would always comment, in one way or another about his calm demeanor.

The minister still remembers how calm he was when they first met. Reading at his desk one Sunday afternoon, he was startled to hear a soft knock on his door. At the time, the young man was not yet twenty, yet seemed to possess an ancient wisdom.

In the course of their conversation, the minister was impressed with how well versed the young man was with scripture. When finished with their casual conversation, the young man stood up and said, “Let me tell you why I’m here.”

Again, taken by surprise, the minister stood up as well. “I would like to volunteer to repair the bell tower and the church bell. In return, there is only one thing I will ask of you.”

The minister couldn’t remember the last time he heard the church bell. There never seemed to be enough money in the budget even though the board voted on it every year. It was a poignant reminder and symbolic of so many things needing attention within the church.

“I will only ask that I be allowed, when finished, to ring the bell every Sunday at 1:00 after the service.”

The minister asked the young man to sit down. As the minister returned to his seat, he opened a desk drawer. Then another and another. Finally, a smile of satisfaction lit up his face as he located the key to the bell tower.

Although he couldn’t know it at the time, this young man would be the key to so many life altering events. The young man shook his hand, after accepting the key and thanked the minister for his consideration. As the young man walked out the door, the minister realized he didn’t even know his name! “Excuse me for not asking…what is your name?”

The young man turned to face the minister with the key still in his hand and quietly said…

“I am the bell-ringer.”

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