JULY 11, 2016

Recently changed my blog site from Kneal1poetry to Visionarie Kindness Many Blessing to all my readers. – Krissie


On the bridge  at midpoint,

My vibrations are awakening receptors;

I thought I was lost, between the concrete.

I thought I missed my exit.

I thought it was too late.

But all I had to do was,

Give in –

I give into happiness and let it take me.

I give into my childhood wings and fly.

I give into peace.

I give into joy .

Now that we have arrived, midnight has two sons.

I can see the shadows guiding me

through the tombs of sorrow’s past.

And I won’t stop to check the time.

Hurry chile, cut asunder each blistering bone.

Hurry now,  day breaks.

Through thine, eyes might we see,  how to dream,

How to be.

Source: Wellness