15 cidades que todo fã de street art precisa conhecer

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Urban art has grown considerably in cities around the world, and is already a true cultural heritage in others. The big cities are the main target of graffiti, stencils and other artistic manifestations, but those in the smaller municipalities have also revealed their talents. We selected 15 places on the map showing that it is here to stay.

While some governments have supported the idea, eyeing the tourism urban art has generated and the popular pressure that has brought it to be, others still need to make the effort to open their eyes to something new, as is the case in Russia and even Norway, in its recent history looked upon the forbidding aspect of such an art form. Still regarded as vandalism, graffiti always seems to swim against the tide, as it was in its infancy, where the more forbidden, the better it was for the artists who argued more and were successful provocateurs. In this eternal struggle to remake the designs whenever they are deleted and understand how their arts are ephemeral, they glorify the consolidation of graffiti over the past few years.

And for our luck, they can be seen all the time in many places in the world and the internet. Projects like Red Bull Street Art View, which brings together urban art through collaboration by Google Street View, and Street Art Project, created by Google itself to bring together artists and their murals are great outlets to file the drawings and travel without leaving home.

Check out the list below and already includes the cities in your script:

1. São Paulo

There is no doubt that the economic capital of Brazil can no longer be called the “gray city”, which carried this burden for years. In revenge, it brought forth colors and more colors of huge murals in all its corners, revealing even such large global talent graffiti as OSGEMEOS, Kobra, Skull and Speto. In addition, the city owns the largest open air museum in Latin America and the Grajaú promises to be even bigger.

2. London

The land of the mysterious and controversial Banksy also oozes a lot of diversity in urban art. In Brick Lane and Shoreditch, you can notice how urban art pulsates in the land of the queen. R. Robots, Snik and Ben Eine are some of the other names with striking designs on city walls.

3. New York

Much within the urban art had New York as the cradle, especially the Brooklyn and Bronx neighborhoods. The strong hip-hop culture present in these neighborhoods since the mid-1970s, is present today, whence the tags, those big, stylized and colorful letters. The subways were the constant targets of graffiti and tags, which are still there.

4. Tel Aviv

The Israeli city has become a reference point for graffiti, as well as Tehran, Iran. Politically engaged , local youth have much to say and decided, finally, to express themselves through art. Know Hope is one of the artists who has gained worldwide fame as well as Jack TML, Sened, Broken Fingaz, Froma and Zero Cents.

5. Melbourne

In addition to bragging rights for being the world’s best city for quality of living, Melbourne is one of Australia cities that propagates urban art, influenced by New Yorkers. There are several points to see the vibrant murals by local artists such as Centre Place, between Collins Street and Flinders Lane.

6. Katowice

In Poland, Katowice Street Art Festival there is fully dedicated to urban art.It is in Katowice we find an emblematic mural designed by artist Escif: a giant swathe exposed on the side of a building. This is certainly an essential destination on the agenda of those who enjoy the art.

7. Brussels

Attracting tourists to Belgium, Brussels boasts of its huge murals, especially illustrating comics characters, quite famous in the city and in the world as The Smurfs and Tintin. In recent years, the artist Bonom became a real local legend, known to all after painting local facades.

8. Paris

It may be that the graffiti is not the most attractive of the City of Light, but the French capital has many inclusive talents in the urban arts. Parisian streets are home to some of the most popular artists in the world, such as Blek Le Rat and JR.

9. Buenos Aires

The Argentine capital has taken good steps in urban art, even on account of the favorable political graffiti. Therefore, it has become a veritable playground for graffiti artists from around the world, especially in the suburbs La Boca and Barracas, even revealing some talent, like the artist Jaz.

10. Grottaglie

The Italian city has also gained some fame with the Fame Festival, an event dedicated to graffiti, which brings together artists from around the world. From there, Blu conquers the walls and takes its colors to other cities.

11. Stavanger Norway

is a great place to live, but the graffiti found problems with the law of the country, being banned in the mid-2009. Since art endures the battle, ended up winning this struggle, becoming a marker and even launching its own festival, the Nuart.

12. Moscow

Russia also had some difficulties to accept the graffiti and to recognize it as art. However, some cracks have been scored and gradually the city will coloring, as is already legal in the subways.

13. Reykjavik

Essentially colored, the capital of Iceland has gone beyond the brightly colored houses within it and gained artistic touches. Integrating naturally beautiful setting and charming colourful city, it is easy to recognize and admit fresh air to come stay.

14. Dresden

While Berlin has established itself in art and culture, it is now Dresden’s turn to shine. The city has gained color at the hands of graffiti artists from around the world, including Brazilian artist Evol, who made his mark with the famous and realistic installation “Buildings” and many other names.

15. Cork

Ireland has also given space for urban art, especially the city of Cork, the second largest in the country. The graffiti artist Conor Harrington and Fin Dac are some of the names circulating there, both depicting people creating the walls.


A arte urbana tem crescido consideravelmente nas cidades ao redor do mundo, enquanto já é um verdadeiro patrimônio cultural em outras. As grandes metrópoles são o principal alvo dos graffitis, stencils e outras manifestações artísticas, mas os municípios menores também têm revelado seus talentos. Selecionamos 15 lugares pelo mapa que comprovam que ela veio para ficar.

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