The dark mass slithered silently and stealthily into the nebulous darkness, melting within it as though it had never Been. it was ,perceived, rather than felt with the senses, a fearful darkness, sticky with fog suckling the sap out of the trees, and shrouding the sentient with fear.
Three nights ago he had first noticed the dampness and felt the cold sweat break out on his chest and upper arms, had felt the uneasiness but had put it down to the dark cold night and his BGL being too low. Each time he returned home from work that week the sense of anxiety became more palpable and he felt burdened by something like a heavy mantle hanging about his shoulders. Friday came and it was as if a wild beast dropped down upon his chest from a great height.
She was wrapped in a shroud of stickiness, feeling as though she must surely perish, her thrusting, twisting form broke loose from her restraints and plumbed the depths of the darkness until she found herself on some thing smooth and hard. She stretched her wings until they had dried and then rose like a crimson feather into the night.
It didn’t see her, yet she felt fear rise in her tiny heart as something awful passed on by. It was Friday and the wild beast of anxiety had rent the membrane between sentient and non sentient and the avalanches had begun.
They came down with a trickle, unnoticed at first, just pebbles scuttling across the road as though they had somewhere to go………




  1. […] From Darkness to Saturday Francis Mason with his wife Mary lived with their two sons Timothy and Jeremy in a small Bungalow at the edge of the forest, near Quarry Road. Francis walked through the forest along that road between home and the railway station every weekday on his way to his work in the City. He was a Partner in the family Estate Agency ”Mason and Sons”. Mason? Well his great, great grandfather had been one, a Stone Mason and had worked the quarry before the great implosion in which all lives were lost. The morning dawned fair and bright, and as he lay there beside Mary he thought of the past three days, and perhaps the anxiety he had experienced was some kind of exaggeration due to the cold weather they had been having. […]


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