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Authoritative parents take a different, more moderate approach that emphasizes setting high standards, being nurturing and responsive, and showing respect for children as independent, rational beings. …..But unlike permissive parents, authoritative parents don’t let their kids get away with bad behavior.-The 4 Parenting Styles: What Works and What Doesn’t

AuthoriTAIRANS are more ‘my way or the high way’ parents😮 AuthoriTATIVES take a gentler approach.

There are the really gentle-yet-strict parents who were able to raise decent, caring children too. They have an authoritative relationship than an authoritarian one.

I don’t see any many authoritative parents. I either usually see parents who are either very authoritarian (read post above on difference between ‘authoritative’ and ‘authoritarian’) or too permissive (but I am young and haven’t explored the vast-EUGE-world, so….take my experience with a pint of salt, no pepper). Most parents of my class-mates were SO STRICT! {more}

Source: Asiatic Torture in Education