Artista cria fantásticas esculturas para representar a força da natureza

After witnessing the power of nature in one of its biggest demonstrations during hurricanes that affected countries like Thailand and the United States, an Italian artist decided to portray this power in impressive sculptures.

The Nature of the Force series was created by sculptor Lorenzo Quinn, who used bronze, stainless steel and aluminum to remember the strength that natural phenomena have on our lives. “Having seen the devastated coast of Thailand and the hurricane that affected the states of the South, I decided to create a sculpture dedicated to Mother Nature,” he says.

Each of the works is about 2.5 meters high and shows what appears to be the personification of Mother Nature turning the globe with full force. According to Quinn, this is a way to remind us that, at any time, the fury of nature can be awakened.

The statues are scattered several countries, including England, the United States, Singapore and Monaco. The result is surprising:


Após presenciar a força da natureza em uma de suas maiores manifestações durante os furacões que afetaram países como a Tailândia e os Estados Unidos, um artista italiano decidiu retratar esse poder em esculturas impressionantes.

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