Working with wood-lidded urn

Lidded Urn
Top and Bottom – inside – with flawed bottom
Top and Bottom outside- problem  with the sand paper is that sometimes it is too coarse and roughs up rather than smoothes down.

This is a prototype of something I watched a more experienced turner turtn at the Working with Wood Show on the 26th June.

The Urn – for it ought to be more urn shaped than box shaped is turned between centres until the oblong block of timber is round and then marked for the various components of the Urn/box. I.E Lid, Bottom and decorated ends.

It is parted off at the ratio of 1/3rd to 2/3rds and each end is placed in the ‘chuck’ and hollowed out, sanded and stained and the closing insets are cut top and bottom.

Once this has been done the urn is remounted in the chuck and held by pressure between the chuck and the Tailstop while the top and bottom decorations are made.

These are what I aspire to


There ought to be a really long finial on the top with a small knob to lift it by and a foot on the bottom for it to stand. Unfortunately one of our more senior turners intervened and I lost my end and ended up with a tall skinny box rather than an Urn.

As usual we were rushed at the end and I had dechucked mine before I had sanded it but better next time.