Value of Time

Thank you

Edith Schmidt Art

As of late, I have been taking a serious look at my life, and how I create my art.  Since I have a fantastic family,  and support system, I look for ways that I can  improve on my time in the studio.  How you say?  I look how to  educate and inspire my family to understand why I must come to my studio every day and sit and create.  In this exploration, I discovered  I valued everyone else’s time over my own. Now a bit of a disclaimer here.  Everyone has a different set of circumstances in their world.  What one adjective describes in one persons life is different in another life experience.  So this is my observation in my life.  Instead of seeing if this fits you exactly, use it to think outside your box.  To see if it speaks to you partly or maybe gives you an understanding.

As I have…

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