Netherlands creates garden near airport which reduces by half the noise of airplanes

Holanda cria jardim perto de aeroporto que reduz pela metade os barulhos dos aviões

Schiphol Airport, south of Amsterdam, is one of the major air hubs for travelers to Europe. More than 1600 flights pass through there every day. Unfortunately, due to this intense movement, the locals ended up being affected by the noise emitted by the Airport which, they said, could be heard 30 km away. Nature herself provided the solution.


It all started when, in 2008, the airport management conducted some research on how to alleviate the problem and found that the noise diminished in times when the region’s farmers were plowing the fields, as the furrows in the earth absorbed the noise.

After the discovery, architects, engineers and designers came together to create a giant garden, which was able to reduce the noise pollution caused by the airport. The Dutch artist Paul de Kort who was the one responsible for the design of the structure was inspired by the study known as Sound Figures created by German physicist and musician Ernst Chladni in 1787. Using the findings of Chladni, De Kort made use of technology to build 150 symmetrical grooves in earth with ends of about 1.80 meter in height between them.

Foto: Schiphol Airport

Thus was born the so-called Buitenschot Land Art Park, completed in October 2013. The 810,000 meters of labyrinthine park landscapes were responsible for reducing the noise by half, allowing them to be below recommended levels at all points that were monitored.

Source: Holanda cria jardim perto de aeroporto que reduz pela metade os barulhos dos aviões



    • Yes, the closest one to us is within a long walking distance and because we are also near the ocean it is not quite as bad in that respect. There is a curfew and the first take off is about 6.30-7.00am but even though we are under one of the flight paths I am not unduly bothered. During the cyclone the other evening there was a Plane of some type circling for over 2 hours above us eventually it must have landed.


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