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My husband isn’t a sperm donor. Deal with it!

here is a sobering trend I am noticing in the wonderful world of parenthood. Or should I say, motherhood? Because that is all many people will ever see parenting as.

I’ve been told, in no uncertain terms, that it is weird, abnormal and disgraceful that I regard my husband as the head of our household, respect him, and trust him with our son. I’m a disgrace because I trust the man I married to be more than just capable of caring for our toddler. The fact that my husband is involved in our lives despite working 60+ hours a week and sacrifices all of his free time to help me around the house and to give me a break from our son is amazing. But when I say that I appreciate it, when I say I love my husband and praise him for being a strong, loving and wonderful mate? Well, then we have a problem.

That can’t be, you see, because men are idiots. Incapable. Silly. Stupid. Stubborn. The list goes on and on. These are the things I am told when I praise my husband for being involved with parenting our son. He can’t help with those decisions, I am told, because he just “doesn’t understand”. The general consensus I’ve seen and been told (one that can also be seen in modern CULTure and Disney channel) is that men are not supposed to be involved in parenting, and if they are, they are total baboons. Do you think it feels good to your husband to hear you say that he is stupid? To hear he can’t make you happy because you do everything so much better than him? Do you think he would even feel comfortable bringing his hurt to you, or would he stay quiet for fear of being subjected to your belligerent wrath?


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