Seep out of Dreams!

By :- Aishwarya Raghunath

An angel came to me
when I was fast asleep
placing her hands on my eyes
into her world I got seeped.

She caught hold of my hands
striding with me beside
moving her magic stick gently
I saw my wings getting flared as tha..[..]

via: Seep out of Dreams!



  1. I just wanted to share with you a message of appreciation for your blog site and the messages you share. I am honored, as well, to be part of the messages you pass onto your fellow readers. Stay healthy and happy and prosper in life.


      • Thank you for your comment. Spreading the messages that add value to eachother’s lives is just as beneficial as creating the messages in the first place. I am thankful and humbled by your willingness to share my messages with your readers. I appreciate your support very much.


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