A Versatile Blogger Award


About a month ago I was nominated for a versatile blogger award by Aston Kamunde. He is an amazing person whose blog  I have been delighted to promote. The mixture of Poetry and Memes you will find there are worth the visit. Please do visit his blog, I do promise that you will not be disappointed. Returning to the blogger award, I am so humbled. Being my first time for the nomination it’s just a great deal (That explains why am late to respond).

I am supposed to write down 7 things about myself then list my nominees.
1. I am an extroverted introvert which may make me appear false – but then you only need read my ABOUT page, it is a protection mechanism

  1. I am rediscovering my abilities to write, paint and draw! Which is why I am such a collector of the same
    3. I enjoy walking with my wife and my camera
    4. I find life becoming more exiting now that I am a senior – I am learning to Wood turn and to paint in Acrylic
  2. Though I have a quiet, if not suspicious inner life I love it when our friends visit every month, I like meeting new people cautiously.
    6. I have Epilepsy and bipolar affective disorder and have had sex reassignment surgery.
    7. I am still on my journey to make this puzzle of me whole.
    And now my nominees;

VBA Rules

If you are nominated, you’ve been awarded the Versatile Blogger award.

I nominated each of you because you have contributed to the magpie collection of works, Art, Photography, Theology, Philosophy and curiosities on my Blog you have, in the sum of you, amazing stuff going on in your blogs!

P.S Just follow that simple process!
Thanks and good luck!


  1. Thank you so much for including me in your nominees in such great list of Bloggers! I am so honored by this and I am very happy that you think I contribute to make your Blog a better Place! Congratulations to you for receive this great Award! My Blog is now Award Free but I will include the nomination and your link in my Awards Page! Thank You!!! 😉


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