My Article Read (5-30-2016)

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  1. Bob Iger fires back at Bernie Sanders’ claim that Disney underpays its employees

  2. Anniversaries: Alexander Vlahos & Dianna Vlahos

  3. Workers Of The World Unite With Donald Trump!

  4. New York City Is a Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy — Just Ask @JessicaValenti!

  5. Ronald Reagan Memorial Day Speech…

  6. Donald Trump at Rolling Thunder motorcycle rally: U.S. treats “illegal immigrants” better than veterans

  7. A “Comment” From a Fellow Blogger Proving Change Is Possible

  8. Calling all Vegans

  9. I hear the Lord saying: “Consider Your Ways”

  10. General George Kenney

  11. Muslims don’t want soldiers honored

  12. TT44: (Pagkagalit) A Tagalog Devotional for when you’re Angry

  13. The Church of Arlington National Cemetery

  14. You Are Not in Control

  15. In memoriam

  16. Asshat Alert: Bill Kristol Announces “Independent Candidate Will Run”

  17. Why I’m Voting for Donald Trump

  18. Warn a Divisive Person

  19. Sunday Respite: ‘Arlington’

  20. Memorial Day Weekend ( and …BBQ!)

  21. If you want God to handle your ENEMIES “STOP THE GLOATING!!!



  24. THANK YOU . . .

  25. The citizen-soldier: Moral risk and the modern military

  26. VIDEO Memorial Day Tribute, Mansions of the Lord

  27. VIDEO Memorial Day Tribute 2016

  28. Reading Fictional Books about Minecraft

  29. Garma Karhi by swo8 Blues Jazz from the album Black Taj in iTunes

  30. Just a Thought

  31. What Are Families’ Biggest Barriers to Eating Dinner at Home? — Apartment Therapy

  32. Glitch in the Matrix

  33. Interstate 10 Memorial Day Tribute – Army Rangers in Afghanistan Release Music Video…

  34. Quotes Challenge, Day 1

  35. Memorial Day!

  36. Decoration Day

  37. Memorial Day 2016: Don’t be an Ungrateful Asshole

  38. frosty rose

  39. Jonah and the really big fish..

  40. “Andalucia With Fields Full of Grain”~

  41. I Am So Poor !

  42. Beyond the universe and yet present everywhere

  43. Germany – Final impression

  44. ONG coloca colares reflexivos em animais de rua para salvá-los de atropelamentos   (NGO puts reflective collars for homeless animals to save them from being run over)

  45. Beginning Again – Important Announcement

  46. No Words Needed

  47. Choices

  48. Soujourns: Dead in the Water.

  49. Advice given to me from long ago.

  50. Never Forget

Source: My Article Read (5-30-2016)


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