B&W Photo 5-Day Challenge

quiet evening walk

B&W Photo 5-Day Challenge – Day 1

I was nominated for this challenge by guenbt from “Together and apart no more 96, living life to the fullest“.

I’m very busy these days but I couldn’t reject his invitation…

This is a shot I took down at the Castelldefels beach (Barcelona) two days ago.

For Day One I challenge Taylor Vincent from The Darkroom Neerd. I really love her photos (and she is superb with B&W) and would love to see more of her work.

So Taylor, you’re up next! 5 B&W photos for 5 days (one photo a day). And don’t forget to nominate a fellow blogger. Enjoy!

There is no pressure to accept this challenge, but I know you’ll enjoy doing it. After all it is for fun…

Thank you very much

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