The Siren’s Bones – chapter five

I can’t keep up with all my reading but these bonesare calling

the runes of the gatekeeper's daughter

( two chapters in one)

dreamwalker5Fiona stepped aside, her mind reeling as Duff entered the house. He sat himself down at the table but didn’t touch the food. Instead, he reached into his pockets and began pulling out what looked like pearls, coins and other bits and pieces of flotsam onto the table. “These are gifts from the sea and from my travels.” he said. His eyes locked onto Muireal with a light of recognition and she returned his gaze trustingly. “She is truly beautiful!” he declared with pride.

Fiona was greatly disturbed and placed her hand on Muireal’s shoulder possessively. “Why have you come back?” she asked fearfully. He looked at her. In his eyes a great squall was gathering and flashes of lightening flickered and faded. “I have come to claim what is mine.” he replied. Fiona realized then, that he was attempting to pay her for her…

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