Stream of consciousness Sunday: The wrong stuff, part twenty five…

Hello and welcome to another unapologetically perma-late Sunday edition of SoCS. This week, Linda G Hill left the following prompt, with which to continue Hannah’s extraordinary adventures;

” Start your post with a two-letter word. End it with a two-letter word for bonus points. “

Unfortunately, I’ve been ill this weekend and really haven’t been in any state to concentrate on writing, so all you’re getting is a contractual obligation post, I’m afraid.


The Wrong Stuff.
Part twenty five – Lunch.

“Oh, you have to be kidding me, people don’t actually eat this stuff, do they?” Hannah looked at the bowl of jellied eels which Frank handed her in disgust, “I’m not all that hungry, now that I come to think about it.”

“Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it, that’s what my old mum used to say.” Frank grinned and shoveled a huge fork full of the vile grey mess into his mouth.

“It really isn’t as bad as it looks,” said Bronk, dipping a lump of bread into his bowl and eating it with apparent relish, “once you get used to it.”

“Ok, I’m holding you to that,” said Hannah, looking down at her bowl with deep suspicion, “although I don’t plan on getting too used to it.”

She tore a chunk off the loaf Bronk offered her and scooped up as much of the fishy gunk as she dared, took a deep breath and nibbled the smallest possible bite from the end.

“Um, Frank,” said Bronk, “I think perhaps you’d better get out of the way, I think Hannah needs to…Ah, too late.”

Frank looked down at his shoes with distaste, “They were nice shoes them, too,” he said, “still, could’ve been worse I suppose.” He peered around the side of the jellied eel stall with an amused expression, from where they could still hear Hannah violently throwing up.

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