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Another selection by Lafayetteangel, these are not all to my taste, especially the ongoing saga in America re the Transgender Community and our ( as in I am Transsexual) Bathrooms.

There are the usual gems which I will leave you to discover for yourselves.


  1. Au Revoir, Madeleine Lebeau | The American Conservative

  2. Paul Manafort makes Jake Tapper look like a complete fool…

  3. Not All Those Who Wander are Lost

  4.  Sunday Summer Saunter

  5. Trump surging against Hillary among likely voters…

  6. Coming glory (Day 6 of the #encourage marathon)

  7. “and then all is madness”: PIT AND THE PENDULUM (AIP 1961)

  8. Thank heaven for that!

  9. Are we of Jesus Christ?

  10. Prey on words, part seven

  11. Some beautiful music for Sunday

  12. WH says ‘Just putting up curtains’ in locker rooms will protect privacy in trans locker rooms

  1. Bitten by Shark, Woman Says It Clamped Down and …

  2. LPD looking for subjects who stole 4 truck tailgates

  3. 12 fallen officers from Greater Lafayette remembered at memorial service

  4. Benghazi Committee Has Uncovered ‘New Facts That …

  5. CNN: Watch the two New York Times “journalists” squirm while they lie about their Trump hit piece.

  6. Fun Video: Dana Milbank eats his words…literally

  7. Iran from bad to worse

  8. Happy Armed Forces Day

  9. Donald Trump is the Republican candidate. We need to get to know him.

  10. Hillary Clinton – Red team, blue team, she’s sick of it!

  11. DEAR PayPal . . .


  13. Joyful ‘Toons – Polar Bears

  14. Guest bloggers wanted

  15. 10 Most Dangerous Places in The World to Visit or Not

  16. How to Pray?

  17. 10 Amazing Tips for Productivity for Busy Parents

  18. a letter to Hermit Crab

  19. Norway according to Anna

  20. Ode to Seuss

  21. 236 – France, Grèves, Loi Travail, Les opposants ne désarment pas   (236 – France, Strikes, Labour Act, opponents will not disarm)

  22. 7 Quick Journaling Exercises That Will Improve Your Fiction Writing

  23. Swallowing the Bathroom “Bill”

  24. Snippet of The Day 05.17.16

  25. Beware of The Philosophies of Man

  26. How to Visit a Homeschool Convention

  27. Broken But Not Destroyed

  28. Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: “What’s This”

  29. Daily Musings

  30. Evil Proves the Existence of God..

  31. (what makes you) SMILE

  32. 5-17-2016

  33. It is Never! 2 Late 4 Us!

  34. Wisdom and Knowledge

  35. Much pain

  36. Old folk.

  37. Dawn

  38. Who Are We Listening To?

  39. Note to self…May 17th


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