Story #36-The Magic Umbrella, Part 1

The Magic Umbrella–Part 1 by Susan Bruck

Myrtle was on her way home from first grade when the sky split open with a resounding crack and all the waters from the heavens seemed to pour right on her head .  She stood still, unsure of where to go in the sudden deluge.  The rain was so loud she couldn’t hear herself think.

Then the water stopped falling on her, although she could still hear it.  She pushed her dripping hair out of her eyes and saw a boy standing next to her. She had never seen him before, which was strange, because everyone knew everyone in her little town of Grendleford.  He had blond hair so pale that it was almost clear and pale blue eyes, and he had an umbrella.  It wasn’t an ordinary umbrella.  It was shaped like a mushroom and was bright blue and green with swirls of orange and bright yellow five-pointed stars.

“Hi, Myrtle,” he said.  “Can I walk you home?”

“Sure, thanks,” said Myrtle.  “Hey, wait. How do you know my name?” []

Source: Story #36-The Magic Umbrella, Part 1