Beech and bluebell

On top of the world – a happy feeling

The 3D lab

Hallerbos - 8 Young beech leaves accentuating the beauty of the bluebells, but also starting their doom: when they start shading too much, the flowers will disappear again.

This week brought the field course to the ‘Hallerbos’, Brussels world-famous forest with the purple bluebell carpet.

Hallerbos - 1 Young hazel leaves on a purple background

Of course it is mostly this endless see of purple that attracts the thousands and thousands of tourists every year (oh, dear lord, can someone please tell them to stay on the trails!), yet for me there is more that attracts me to this forest.

Hallerbos - 7 The wood anemone, the true star of the Hallerbos, almost as common as its purple counterpart, but harder to see as it grows less tall.

What I love the most is that this forest is a clear example of the interaction between abiotic and biotic conditions in an ecosystem. Soil nutrients and humidity from one side…

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