As you must notice I am a collector of fine Poetry, Art and photography therefore almost 90% of anything posted here has been re-pressed or re-blogged from other blogs because I admire the work and wish others the chance to do so.

I should hate to get any accolades for work that is not my own.

This little Gallery

does contain three photos, now four, from my collection, the first taken by a professional photographer, the second by  my exhusband and the third is the combination of another commissioned photo combined with one Jessica took showing the years between transition from an 11 year old to a 58 year old.

The first, taken sometime in the 1950s shows my younger brother Clinton and myself, the middle photo, taken by my husband in 1973 is of myself with our eldest son , David.

The double photo was requested by Fr Dave Smith of Holy Trinity Dulwich Hill for an Interview he did with me on Transgender issues – From Anne to Andrew.

I hope to load a selection from the past 60 -65 years from both Jessica and myself unless there is an overwhelming backlash from those who follow  this blog.

There is still much to be understood concerning Sex and Gender and their relationship with each other and from the age of about 5 I had a lot of misunderstanding to understand.

I have just now re-edited and added a photo of my father and me when I was 5 weeks old