You Are Not Alone

We need to change the culture of this topic
and make it OK to speak out
about mental health and suicide.
– Luke Richardson


A freefall from the highest heights or an average life, is all the same experience, believe it or not. Extreme pain and suffering, self induced or violently enforced, is not the story of all our lives, nor is sipping champagne in the South Pacific on our fully staffed yacht. But on either extreme or somewhere in between, mental health affects us all.  We exist together, connected by neighborhoods and greater societies, and often judge from afar, at what is crazy to us, never understanding they were not really bad, but did not recognize, they were going nuts, and help was to be had.

As individuals, each and every man and woman, must ultimately live and die based upon our own choices, most good, some bad. But how often do we make the connection, that by nourishing our mental health, the scales may tip, avoiding disaster.

Source: You Are Not Alone