Poetry: Nervosa by Evan Crimmins

Dear Hope

Our last post for our Eating Disorder Awareness week comes in the form of a poem by Evan Crimmins. Find his amazing piece below.

by Evan Crimmins

Look at me, we are dual TV screens,
Look at me, the new me,
It’s been years…. a few years.
Sometimes people lose touch, break tree branches,
Bark turns into pieces- it’s slow.
Careful now, don’t touch,
Side step the crackling leaves.
I’ve lost touch, some things are obsessive,
Behavior can border on nervous,
I’m told my anxiety is ‘just a product of graduating school’,
Fuck that.
It’s easier to say now, but tripping awkwardly over: “I had an eating disorder in
high school for a while (and part of college)” to old friends, to parents, to a
brother, to a partner, it takes the weight off my shoulders for a temporary fix,
It switches one screen to shot, one to fun,

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