Choice Part Two


We like to think they exist, just around the corner,

Through the next door, another option, another decision.

Yet did I make it or did it make me?

Leaving me standing alone in the room without the knob on my side of the door.

Though I might gnash my teeth and wail.

Fall onto my knees and howl,

Through choice, want or desire, it is not possible

To pass through the door where no way is.

Only in surrender, acceptance…is it possible

To pass through the door where no way is.

To be borne on the cloud of unknowing

Through the door where no way is…

To the all-consuming fire

And become!

Becoming, a most unbecoming process.

One which can be the natural progression

From the no-respect for doors which children have,

To the disregard of the same,

Which allows the newly become, full access to themselves.

Else, this process can become the unbecoming, hazardous bumbling

Of one such as me, who even as a child held much too much respect for doors.

Who cannot quite disregard the lack of knobs on my side of the door.

Choices are not rooms and do not exist –

that is why knobs do not exist on our side, of all the mental mindless doors… all those doors to all those rooms…

That I have hurled and battered my heart against,

When all I had to do was to crawl or skip, hop

Or jump around the door where no wall is!!!

The Place where no walls are encompasses all of time and space.

Within it, all the Worlds reside and He who sustains them.

This is the vast arena where Choice Himself, oversees all the

Little seas sands lakes and waters…

That they flow with the tide

“Flow with the tide.” I hear you! Not struggle against it

being battered against the rocks of nonexistent doors

to which I have clung so desperately, seeking the knobs of escape.

18/10/1996 ARate, edited 15/01/2005 Br. Andrew James Blair