I have raised the seven skies



Imam Ali (a.s) (as) says,·

“I have raised the seven skies with the powers and commandments, entrusted to me by my Lord.· I am the one who when looked at the skies, and did not find any one who can challenge me.· I am the one who counts his creatures, even though they are numerous, and make sure they return back to their Lord.· I am the trustee who protects divine commands.· I do not treat anyone with unkindness, as I am the divine sustainer ‘Wali –Allah’.· His commands have been entrusted upon me and I have been made ruler over the masses by my Lord.· I am the one who called the moon and the sun and they moved forward in my obedience.· I am the one who called upon ‘seven skies’ and they bow down on my instruction and stabilized in perfect posture.· I am the one who nominated all the Prophets, created all the worlds and laid the earth down.· I am aware of all those affairs which have been made compulsory.· I am the Amr (command) of Allah and the ‘Soul’ of Allah, as Allah says: They ask you (O’Prophet) about the soul, you tell them that soul is from Allah’s Amr (command).· I am the one about whom Allah has said to his Prophet, ‘Two of you will send each and every malicious non-believer to the hell fire.’· I am the one who brought into existence everything, with the blessing of my Lord, after they were composed.Nahjul-Asrar:Page,119

Source: Zayn Abiya’s post.