20216-01-18: What I’m sharing this week


For those who love to Colour in – I do and have downloaded this sample PDF, here is one of the Drawings

Jennifer Sawicky Photography

I’ve modified the title a bit this week, since I’ll be honest, I’ve really not been out with my camera very much, and the few photos I do have, I think would be better for tomorrow’s Monochrome Monday post.

So instead, I thought I would share a sample of a project I worked on in November and December for a Christmas gift – a custom colouring book.  It was a really fun project to do, and was very popular with the recipient as well.

I’ve included a few pages as a PDF available to download, if you are interested in printing them out and having a relaxing time with some coloured pencils.  It’s my first attempt at making a PDF available for download, so fingers crossed I’ve done it right (It should be an easy control click or right click and select download linked file).

That’s all for today, I…

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